Tourism, Industrial and Silica Sand Developments

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Silica Sand Trading/Development

We offer high grade raw silica sand to buyers around the globe, in glass manufacturing sector, foundry, hydraulic fracturing, filtration, abrasives and others.

With the focus on silica sand, our key consideration is to execute the development with a sustainable plan. We seek partner/investor in superior quality silica sand mining project under an integrated system that includes mining operations such as extraction and refining, shipping and distribution to our buyers.

Industrial Park Development

We work with master planners and financiers to develop industrial park for heavy industries companies from the sectors such as plastic recycling, electronic waste recycling, ship repairing to develop its islands.

This includes supporting overseas companies to set up their factories with basic infrastructure provided, and connecting the overseas local government agencies to acclimatize with local business climate.

Tourism Destination Development

We work with master planners and financiers to develop tourism destination to meet the global travel demand that is growring post Covid-19.

With travellers are visiting new destinations, requesting new experiences, ecological and educational tours, Chuck Capital sees its important involvement in the growth journey of the tourism sectors with History, Culture and Adventurous elements.


Industrial Park and Tourism Destination Developments