About Us

Tourism, Industrial and Silica Sand Developments

Our Vision

To be a leading global enterprise that enriches people and communities through high-quality products and services. Chuck Capital’s sustainability strategy is based on Building Communities.

We are committed to improving the economic, environmental and social well-being of our stakeholders through our projects and operations management. We embrace innovation to ensure our commercial viability without compromising the environment for future generations.

Industrial and Tourism Projects

We work with master planners and financiers to develop industrial park for heavy industries companies, and tourism destination for global tourists.

We add value to our clienteles with our knowledge on the ground of land use for each island on niche sectors such as recycling, ship repair, agritourism; government regulations and permits needed, and the infrastructure required for different projects ensures our long-standing relationship with our clients. Upon request, we also provide idea generation through design thinking in our industrial or tourism development projects.

With a passion for finding the right asset class for the right project, Chuck Capital will ensure you have a smooth and successful land acquisition process.

Silica Sand Trading/Development

We offer high grade raw silica sand to buyers around the globe, in glass manufacturing sector, foundry, hydraulic fracturing, filtration, abrasives and others.

The raw sand mined from each sand mine is firstly fed into the process plant to remove impurities. Then, such processed sand is separated into various sizes by the sizing process in order to meet every size requirement from customers.

We also pride ourselves on being a single source solution for all of your silica sand needs. With Chuck Capital, we promise to deliver high quality of sand products and highest level of customer service. We are committed to building long term relationships with our potential clients. We are a trusted partner with high ethical standards.

With the focus on silica sand, our key consideration is to execute the development with a sustainable plan.

We seek partner/investor in superior quality silica sand mining project under an integrated system that includes mining operations such as extraction and refining, shipping and distribution to our buyers.