About Us

Investment in Indonesia, Industrial, Tourism, Real Estate

Chuck Capital

Chuck Capital is a private investment firm headquartered in Singapore. It is the investment arm for a group family office and is focused on tourism, industrial and manufacturing projects through the acquisition of land in Indonesia.

Our vision: To be a leading global enterprise that enriches people and communities through high-quality products and services. Chuck Capital’s sustainability strategy is based on Building Communities. We are committed to improving the economic, environmental and social well-being of our stakeholders through our projects and operations management. We embrace innovation to ensure our commercial viability without compromising the environment for future generations.

Having knowledge on the ground of land use for each island; government regulations and permits needed, and the infrastructure required for different projects ensures our long-standing relationship with our clients. Upon request, we also provide idea generation through design thinking around our main projects, industrial and tourism.

With a passion for finding the right asset class for the right project, Chuck Capital will ensure you have a smooth and successful land acquisition process.

Our Core Focus Areas:

1. Land Sales for Tourism and Heavy Industries
Tourism is a significant force in the world economy with 10% of world GDP and 4.5% compound annual growth rate, and the interest to support the global waste recycling process, Chuck Capital sees its importance in involvement in the growth journey of the global industrial and tourism sectors. Chuck Capital is looking for potential investors/ partners in the land acquisitions for further development. 

2.  Industrial Development
To work with heavy industries companies from the sectors such as plastic recycling, electronic waste recycling, ship repairing to develop its islands. This includes supporting overseas companies to set up their plants with the basic infrastructure provided.